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Ghost Knight Victis is a single-player action RPG inspired by the henshin hero genre (Karas, Kamen Rider, Garo). You play as a guy whose terminal disease awakens dormant magical powers, letting him transform into magical armors and fight monsters.

The catch is that his health deteriorates every time he uses his powers. As the player, you need to ensure the main character stays alive until the end of the year, when the final boss appears.

You'll also need to maintain your secret identity to prevent endangering your friends. But standing with you are individuals who are in the same predicament.

This is only the combat protoype for now. Please try it out and leave feedback!


  1. The enemies now fight back (their AI is not very smart, don't expect too much)
  2. Added Rapier weapon, with a test 2-hit combo attack
  3. Added Rapier Rapid Flurry attack: press X (square in Playstation) repeatedly
  4. Added Rapier Charged attack: hold X (square in Playstation) then release when the rapier lights up


  1. You need a game pad for this. There are keyboard controls but they are only for debugging.
  2. You can't restart the game yet. If you die, close the game then run again.
  3. Can't change graphics options yet.
  4. Can't change controls yet.
  5. No tweaks/balancing for damage and stamina cost yet.
  6. Enemies still move too slow, haven't tweaked that yet.

Follow latest updates on my dev blog: http://hypertensiongamedev.tumblr.com/


GKV-AGDG-12.zip 64 MB


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