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Demo at least seems to play out in true spirit to dark souls in regards to getting hit and hitting through fences/walls, outright failing to hit with your rapier right after an enemy's 3 move string until they recover(does not apply to the other weapons as they have good hitboxes), poise not existent for the player, spear instantly breaks enemy poise, able to stunlock enemies by quick charging warhammer specials one after another, AI that seemingly can't stop throwing itself at you in a straight line. Thankfully you can't get hit through parry with lag. Phase dash is great as it actually carries some risk given you can't move straight after nor affect its trajectory with DI. You're possibly one of the only devs that I've seen so far to actually implement a settings menu in his demo for the player, congratulations.

On the animation side of things, feedback unlike Dark Souls is awkward as if I am in the process of getting hit I'll never know when I'm able to input an action, limiting my options to spamming the spacebar key in hopes of being able to phase dash in time to dodge an incoming attack. A hit recovery animation would be swell here as it gives the player feedback that he has regained control of his character. Enemies are freely able to get away from any normal attack strings after recovering from their attacks including the use of all three weapons until their AI kicks in telling them to attack once they've replenished enough stamina. Intended parry timing feels perfect. AI also don't play well as a team and each do their own thing. If you're up to the challenge, I suggest right after fixing the AI and enabling them to attack more than one at a time, to be able to parry 2 or 3 hits(limit and usability defined by you) if they connect at the same time. Best of luck.

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. The rapier's attacks indeed doesn't reach an enemy that's sort of in a crouching position, I was thinking of making your character lean downwards in those situations so the rapier can hit, but that's not at the top of my things to do right now.
  2. The part about you not being able to move too long after getting hit is a bug. You certainly are supposed to be able to reasonably  dodge away after getting hit the first time, so you don't get combo'd. I've fixed it in my current build, and now it ignores movement input only for a short span of time when you get hit (I'm still tweaking how long it should be).
  3. I haven't really planned for anything regarding poise/flinch resistance, and I'm only wondering about it now how to go about it. For one, the purple armor type the player currently has should not have much flinch resistance, if at all, as he's the speedy type in contrast to the 2nd armor type I'll be making later on: a brutish offensive kind which I'll certainly give a lot of flinch resistance/poise.
  4. I think I'll also experiment with making the spear not instantly break enemy poise.
  5. The AI right now is very simple/dumb. They're easy to kill, and their only threat is if they attack you in groups, and even then they don't coordinate. Generally, for these one-eyed enemies, I think I'll keep them that way. In the lore, they are just mindless golem-like creatures created out of scrappy wood and cloth. Right now I'm implementing more of the player's abilities, then I'll work on the AI again after. Perhaps a new enemy type later on.

Alright, hope to see some interesting developments even if multi-parry isn't included. Best of luck.


I like how you can dash through the fences could make for some interesting encounters where you can kite the enemies around. not a fan of the motion blur being default but at least their is a option to turn it off. good work