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Ghost Knight Victis is a single-player action RPG inspired by the henshin hero genre (Karas, Kamen Rider, Garo). You play as a guy whose terminal disease awakens dormant powers, letting him transform into magical armors and fight monsters.

The catch is that his health deteriorates every time he uses his powers. As the player, you need to ensure the main character stays alive until the end of the year, when the final boss appears.

You'll also need to maintain your secret identity to prevent endangering your friends. But standing with you are individuals who are in the same predicament.

This is only the combat protoype for now. Please try it out and leave feedback!

Changes (since last AGDG Demo Day release):

  1. Added graphics options to change screen resolution, and toggle various effects.
  2. Added "swoosh" trails on normal weapon attacks. This is to help the player see the arc of the motion of weapon slashes, useful since the game is mostly in the dark.
  3. Smoothened the camera tracking on targets. Previous behaviour was a little too dizzying since it made the camera move too fast.
  4. Added health and stamina bar overlays on enemies.
  5. Started improving the combat AI for the Wooden Mannequin enemy.
  6. Changed look of Phase Dash. Previous one was obscuring your vision of enemies during fights.


  1. You can't restart the game yet. If you die, close the game then run again.
  2. There's nothing much to do yet except kill the enemies. This is only a test for the combat part.
  3. Can't customize key bindings yet.
  4. There are no sounds yet.
  5. The difficulty right now is not yet representative of the final goal. Enemy AI is still too simple, and no tweaks/balancing for damage and stamina cost yet.

Follow latest updates on my dev blog: http://hypertensiongamedev.tumblr.com/


GKV-AGDG-14 (Windows 64-bit) 75 MB
GKV-AGDG-14 (Windows 32-bit) 73 MB
GKV-AGDG-14 (Linux 64-bit) 80 MB
GKV-AGDG-14 (Mac 64-bit) 76 MB


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I tried to fix the settings, but its not working

the camera also turns on its own.

But the graphic is mad nice tho...if u like we can work on it together

Im a programmer.